To me, public service is about getting things done that help our families thrive – it’s about results. I simply try to treat everyone with the respect and dignity he or she deserves.
— Kerry Ferguson

My Record

Quality of life and accountability

  • When residents' water bills were illegally inflated, Kerry fought to issue refunds to ratepayers.
  • To maintain the safety and integrity of our neighborhoods, Kerry pursued robust code enforcement and stricter oversight of abusive sober living homes.
  • Kerry has consistently opposed over-sized developments that clash with our community's character.

A vibrant community

  • Kerry worked with community partners to attract businesses that create good jobs and offer high-quality amenities.
  • Trader Joe's, Ganahl Lumber, and 4-star hotels are only the beginning of what we can offer our residents. We deserve the best!

Honoring our History

  • Kerry inspired the restoration of the Egan House, which is now Ellie's Table.
  • Kerry worked with our Juanenos to create Putuidem Village Cultural Center at our Northwest Open Space.

My Priorities

Protect OUr neighborhoods

Traffic can be difficult at peak times during the school year. I believe we should use our trolleys to remove cars from Del Obispo and Alipaz as well as the Ortega Highway and La Novia. Let's meet and share ideas to make "The Farm" a great neighborhood. Let's encourage those who would build less homes.

Combat the root causes of homelessness in partnership with the County of Orange so homeless individuals can access the resources they need, and so our parks and public spaces stay open to our families. Give our code enforcement officers the resources they need to ensure sober living houses stay in complete compliance with city regulations, and work with our state and federal partners to eliminate abusive facilities in our city.

World-Class Infrastructure, Small-Town accountability

Reorganize our water system so we can achieve great service at fair rates. Do the hard work and go over the budget line by line so our critical projects are completed on time, under budget, and with respect for our taxpayers.

Our Youth

Expand opportunities for recreation and youth development. Build a skate park and another sports field so our children can play in safety. Work with our local business leaders to create educational opportunities in cooperation with the soon to be expanded Ecology Center.