I believe...

I believe San Juan Capistrano is the loveliest, most unique city in Orange County.

I believe what make us special is our tapestry of varied peoples – Acjachemen, Juanenos, Spaniards, Mexicans, Basques and Yankees – each making a special contribution to our history and to our culture. I treasure them all.

I believe our best years are ahead of us. We stand on the verge of becoming a beloved destination that is not only prosperous but truly lives in our dynamic new century while honoring and sharing our past.

I believe the next four years will define our city for many years to come.

I believe great leadership will be essential for great outcomes.

I believe public safety must continue to be our first priority. 

I believe District 3 can be a part of our great resurgence.

  • I believe we MUST mitigate traffic congestion during the school year. One way is to utilize our two trolleys. This could significantly reduce car trips on both Del Obispo and Alipaz.
  • I believe a Community Workshop for our residents to share ideas is a great idea. I reached out to the Vermuelen representative. They are enthusiastic about it, and they are going to include the proposers, so they can hear from all of us. We can talk about making “The Farm”, as they call their proposed development, reflect the farming history of this part of our town with farm style homes and cottages and other amenities.
  • I believe Our youth deserve another sports field and a safe and beautiful skateboard park at our Sports Park.
  • I believe expanding the Ecology Center to create a Modern Demonstration Farm, a Farm to Table Café and a Culinary Arts Center, and all with ample parking, is a fabulous idea.

I believe the River Street Marketplace proposal is a beautiful project that would serve  our community well, provided the environmental impact report and traffic study support it.

I believe our town can support two outstanding 4-star hotels – Las Banderas and Hotel Capistrano.

I believe some of the goals and provisions of our Historic Town Center Master Plan have become obsolete. We need to start with correcting the inconsistencies with the General Plan and Form Based Code and then look at possible major revisions or repeal. This needs to be done with a lot of thought, public input and care.

I believe Verdugo Street should just be the beginning of beautifying every corner of our downtown – our entries, our sidewalks, parking venues, and landscaped parks. Signage codes should be enforced consistently and strictly.

I believe we must continue to implement innovations like solar power that save money, help the environment, and help us to remain competitive with our neighbors.

I believe our water system reorganization must be completed in a way that benefits our residents.

I believe we need to be part of the solution to our county’s homeless problems. I will continue to work with ACC-OC and others to address these problems.

I believe the waste, fraud, abuse and over-concentration in the sober living industry must end.

I believe there should be no new roads through established communities. San Clemente’s regional traffic study bore this out. Transportation trends are changing rapidly. Miles of extra pavement may be obsolete by the time it’s built.

Above all, I believe it’s time for us to
stop demeaning each other,
to work with each other,
not against each other,
and to bring our dreams to reality.

Let’s work together to prepare San Juan Capistrano for a bright and beautiful future!