I will...

Continue to demonstrate leadership.  I’ll continue bringing people together to do great things for San Juan Capistrano. I'll resist the temptation to join in with those who demean the efforts of others, especially when they do it with lies and half-truths. Instead, I’ll seek collaborative solutions to problems. I'll continue to do my homework, so that I can make informed decisions without prejudice.

I will put Public Safety First. We ask more and more of our Police and Code Enforcement departments. More personnel is needed.

I will seek REAL solutions to traffic congestion centered around our tracks, especially between from 7-9am and from 4-6pm. I believe our trolleys can help take traffic off Del Obispo and Alipaz, especially during the school year.

I will seek the best possible form of reorganization of our water system for the good of our residents. It is essential that it provide a reliable source of water at a fair cost.

I will continue to work with developers to ensure that developments fit comfortably in their spaces with respect for their surroundings.

I will seek REAL solutions to homelessness in our community. Causes and symptoms vary. Solutions do, too. I'll continue to work with ACC-OC, the County, and local groups for the homeless and for our residents.

I will work to make District 3 a part of our city’s great resurgence.

  • I will seek REAL solutions to traffic on Del Obispo and Alipaz, particularly during the school year. Our trolleys could be a part of that solution.
  • I will advocate for farm-style features that will make “The Farm” development on the Vermuelen property a source of pride for us all. I've already arranged for a Community Workshop.
  • I will work with others to locate and build another sports field at the Sports Park. It's long past time to invest in reconditioning the fields we have.  I'll explore park in lieu funds from developers, donations, bonds, contracts with sports maintenance specialists, etc. I'll bring together those who are responsible for our Youth in San Juan to formulate a proposal.
  • I will continue to work with the San Juan Capistrano Skatepark Coalition to raise funds to build a skatepark at our Sports Park. Our Youth have waited far too long to have a safe place to skateboard. Through my efforts, we have a beautiful plan for a world class skateboard park there that'll be marvelous for all ages and levels of ability. It’s time to build it!
  • I will continue to encourage an expanded Ecology Center with a Modern Demonstration Farm, a Farm to Table Café and a Culinary Arts Center, and all with ample parking. It could work well with "The Farm", helping homeowners with classes on growing and preparing their own fruits and vegetables in raised beds at home so that “The Farm” would virtually become a model urban farm.

I will help both outstanding 4-star hotels – Las Banderas and Hotel Capistrano rise in our City. The Luxury Hotel Incentive Program is meant for all hotels that include infrastructure improvements in their proposals to create and maintain a 4-star level to do so. Some think it is a gift of public funds. I see it as an opportunity for a net gain for the City over the life of the incentive. The incentive is only offered on taxes generated over and above the base amount. Because the overall tax gains are substantial, the City will come out ahead in the long run. Should the tax gains not be realized for any reason, then the hotels would not benefit either.

I will seek a beautiful downtown. A funding mechanism is needed to beautify sidewalks and park spaces in town as well as our entrance at Ortega Highway and Del Obispo streets. It is only fair that all of our downtown merchants share equally in this regeneration of our Historic Town Center. This will take people working together, and I will facilitate that.

I will continue to seek implementation of innovations like LED lighting, solar power and smart water systems for the City that save money and help the environment. I've brought $440,000 in savings from LED. Solar could bring $800,000 more.We are in an era of incredible innovation in every area, and I will push for us to take advantage of whatever opportunities seem appropriate.

I will continue to work to end the fraud, abuse and over-concentration in recovery homes. They must be both accessible and good neighbors. Patient brokering must stop. I will continue working on solutions at the state and federal levels with the Association of California Cities of Orange County.

I will continue to oppose new roads through established communities. I stand ready to work with any of our South County partners to ensure that all of our communities are protected.

I will continue to look for ways to enhance our Northwest Open Space in a way that reflects our agrarian history and remains open for future generations to enjoy. I believe one or two sports fields should be a part of that, too.